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Pere Virgili Major Outpatient Surgery and Rehabilitation Centre

Specialists in day surgery


We promote day surgery as it is an increasingly common alternative to traditional hospital admissions and is more convenient for patients. The facilities, technology and running of the whole centre are focused on maximising this kind of outpatient surgery.


Vall d’Hebron’s Day Surgery Unit (UCSI), currently situated in the Pere Virgili Major Outpatient Surgery and Rehabilitation Centre, offers an alternative to the usual hospital admissions process. The 2,330 m2 Unit boasts the latest technology, and facilities specially designed for ambulatory surgery. The centre has 6 operating rooms, 3 surgeon's offices and 4 outpatient rooms for nursing, anaesthesia and surgical specialisations. The unit currently performs over 13,700 procedures a year.

Whilst always under supervision, all patients can return home to continue their recovery a few hours after treatment. This surgery service is focused on convenience for patients, so they can recover in their normal environment without having to be admitted to hospital.

The surgical teams at the Day Surgery Unit come from other departments at Vall d’Hebron. Outpatient operations related to the General Hospital, such as General and Digestive Surgery, Maxillofacial Surgery, Dermatology, Ophthalmology, Otolaryngology, Urology and Vascular Surgery, are currently carried out here at the Day Surgery Unit; Orthopaedic foot, ankle, hand, shoulder and knee surgery, as well as Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery are carried out at the Hospital of Traumatology, Rehabilitation and Burns; and Gynaecological Surgery, Fertility and Breast Disorder Surgery are taken care of at the Maternity and Children's Hospital.

The Day Surgery Unit also actively participates in specialised medical training through the Resident Medical Intern (MIR) programme in the different surgical specialisations.