Drassanes Vall d'Hebron Centre for International Health and Infectious Diseases

The Drassanes Vall d'Hebron Centre for International Health and Infectious Diseases is a clinic specialising in communicable diseases.

There is a team of medical experts specialising in infectious diseases who work from the centre of Barcelona. This care facility provides specialised care for patients affected by certain transmissible diseases, diseases related to international travel and those at risk of suffering from them.

The facility is open to people of all ages, including the paediatric population.

The medical professionals at the Drassanes - Vall d’Hebron Centre for International Health and Infectious Diseases specialise in the detection and treatment of infectious diseases, from sexually transmitted diseases to illnesses brought in from abroad. Early detection and a rapid response are the hallmarks of the Drassanes - Vall d’Hebron Centre for International Health and Infectious Diseases.

The centre has medical personnel in the clinical environment and the diagnostic microbiology laboratory, a nursing team and administrative staff. Patient care is divided into five distinct areas: sexually transmitted diseases; international health and travel medicine; diagnosis, treatment and prevention of tuberculosis; paediatric care for any of the diseases above; and a diagnostic microbiology laboratory.

  • Address: Carrer de Sant Oleguer, 17, 08001 Barcelona.
  • Appointment times: Monday to Friday, from 8.00 am to 7.30 pm.

For any questions or queries, please call +34 934 894 408 or email: ccee.drassanes@vhebron.net.

Sexually Transmitted Infection Unit

This area of the centre provides immediate help for patients with symptoms of sexually transmitted infections.

This programme called Drassanes Exprés provides early diagnosis and a rapid response for sexually active people with no symptoms.

International health and travel medicine

The professionals in this area provide specialised care to any patient showing symptoms compatible with diseases acquired in other countries, whether after a recent trip abroad or for immigrants from other places with a risk of tropical or endemic diseases.

A dedicated and ongoing international travel advice programme is part of this area, which includes routine vaccinations and specific antimicrobial prophylaxis depending on the destination and time spent in the area. You can book an appointment online, by phone or in-person.

Lastly, a team of professionals leads the Community Health Programme, which fosters healthcare integration for new arrivals from zones with a risk of tropical, endemic or communicable diseases, and to encourage some users to become “expert patients”.

Diagnosis, treatment and prevention of tuberculosis

The Drassanes - Vall d'Hebron Centre for International Health and Infectious Diseases, which is located in the Raval district of Barcelona, also specialises in the prevention of tuberculosis. Risk factors such as smoking, alcoholism and drug addiction have caused a rise in the number of cases, although it continues to be a rare disease.

The Vall d’Hebron-Drassanes Tuberculosis Unit leads the field in both in-house and collaborative research, and each year diagnoses over 160 cases, mostly in the city of Barcelona.

Professionals in this area provide care for patients with a suspected or confirmed diagnosis of tuberculosis, particularly when the lungs are affected. Given the location of the centre, most patients are migrants or have a high level of social vulnerability. The care these patients receive is fully coordinated with the Barcelona Public Health Agency (ASPB) and includes monitoring throughout treatment of the disease until it is resolved.

This section also attends to a large number of people in contact with those with active tuberculosis in order to rule out infection and to provide appropriate treatment in each case. It also deals with groups of people at high risk of having an active or latent form of the disease according to ASPB recommendations and requirements.

Paediatric care

The centre has a group of paediatricians who care for the entire paediatric population requiring treatment in any of the centre's specialist areas. In other words, international health and travel medicine; diagnosis, prevention and treatment of tuberculosis; and, more recently, sexually transmitted diseases. Caring for these patients often requires coordination with other healthcare professionals looking after the parents in the same centre.

Diagnostic microbiology laboratory

The laboratory has all the necessary technology to rapidly diagnose certain communicable diseases through molecular biology, and it also uses conventional techniques to diagnose and monitor some of these diseases.

The Microbiology Laboratory has played an essential role in the launch, maintenance and growth of the Drassanes Exprés programme.


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