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Heart valve disorders: pulmonary stenosis

Lesions valvulars: estenosi pulmonar a Vall d'Hebron

Pulmonary stenosis is a disorder of the heart valve that affects the pulmonary valve, the valve which separates the right ventricle from the pulmonary artery, which is the artery that transports blood to the lungs. Pulmonary stenosis occurs when the valve is unable to open sufficiently and as a result there is less blood flow to the lungs. 



Mild stenosis produces no symptoms.

If it is more severe, symptoms may be:

  • difficulty breathing
  • fatigue
  • a blueish cast to the skin
  • cardiac insufficiency



An echocardiogram is the usual way to diagnose the condition. This test assesses the right ventricle, the pulmonary valve, post-stenotic dilatation of the pulmonary artery and pressure gradients through the valve.


Typical treatment

Percutaneous pulmonary valvuloplasty is used to treat pulmonary stenosis, and is suitable for patients with a moderate condition over two years old.

In severe cases, percutaneous pulmonary valvuloplasty can be carried out at any age. This procedure is associated with a lower short term morbidity and mortality rate than surgical valvotomy. The procedures have similar long term outcomes.

Valvuloplasty generally attains excellent results. At a 15-year check up, only 4 % of cases need a second procedure. Mild pulmonary valvular insufficiency is well tolerated.

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