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Cornea transplant

Trasplantament de còrnia a Vall d'Hebron

There are multiple reasons why a cornea might be damaged. When this happens, a cornea transplant is performed which involves changing that part of the affected eye for another healthy one from a donor.

The main pathologies that can lead to a cornea transplant are: keratocon, scars and ulcers, corneal dystrophies (especially Fuchs’ dystrophy) and decompensation from previous surgeries and treatments.     

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When is a cornea transplant required?

The main symptoms that are detected when a cornea is damaged are:

  • Loss of vision
  • Pain in the eye
  • Severe corneal decomposition

Clinical diagnosis is essential, but there are also different tests to see if a corneal transplant should be carried out, and in particular, what kind is required. The tests are:

  • Topography
  • Pachymetry
  • Endothelial count using specular microscopy
  • Tomography of optical coherence in the anterior segment


How is a cornea transplant done?

The type of transplant varies depending on the affected part of the cornea.

  • Endothelial transplantation: this is performed when only the endothelium (the innermost layer of the cornea) has been damaged.
  • Deep anterior lamellar transplant: done in cases where the anterior corneal stroma is affected
  • Penetrating keratoplasty: done when the injury affects the entire cornea



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