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Transplant Coordination

The mission of the Coordination of Donation and Transplant Programmes Team is to lead, integrate and optimise the processes of donations and transplants. It works to offer maximum guarantees of quality, safety and efficiency, with the aim of achieving a high level of health guarantees (donor/recipient) and an improvement in quality of life of the patients who need a transplant.


Our hospital was a pioneer in creating the role of the transplant coordinator. Child and adult transplant teams are coordinated to ease the transition and integration of paediatric patients to adulthood.

Vall d’Hebron University Hospital (HUVH) is one of the most active centres in organ and tissue transplants and in nine of the ten adult and paediatric solid organ transplant programmes in Spain. We are a reference centre for lung transplants (adult and children), kidney transplants and paediatric liver transplants.
 The Vall d'Hebron University Hospital was the first in the whole of Spain to carry out a paediatric liver transplant and a lung transplant. Our results in both numbers and survival are proof of the expertise honed over more than 40 years of activity. In 2016, the HUVH generated 414 donors (71 donors of organs and 338 tissue donors) and carried out a total of 273 solid organ transplants (142 kidney, 51 liver, 73 lung and 5 paediatric heart transplants). 
As for tissue transplants, our public centre performs more cornea transplants than any other, and we were the first hospital to perform a total face transplant with compound tissue. We are also a reference centre for burns, and we have a trauma and orthopaedic surgery programme in which the skin and osteotendinous tissue from a dead donor is essential.
 Collaboration between the whole team and consensual decision-making take place at weekly clinical sessions, where we discuss possible transplant candidates and make decisions about the most appropriate treatments for each patient. This means all processes follow well-defined protocols.  
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