Prevention is the best option

Prevention of secondary mucositis in antineoplastic therapy

Mucositis a Vall d'Hebron

Oral mucositis is the redness or a burning sensation produced by chemotherapy and radiotherapy. It consists of inflammation of the digestive mucous membrane, frequently in mucous membrane in the oral cavity, and may lead to an ulcer, causing pain and/or difficulty eating as well as affecting the quality of life and the patient’s ability to continue with treatment.


What do you need to bear in mind if you have mucositis?

Good prevention and early detection are fundamental to avoid complications. To reduce the symptoms of mucositis it is important to follow the following advice:

  • Before receiving your first cancer treatment: have a dentist check-up to detect possible conditions and reduce the risk of complications during treatment. 
  • During treatment:
    • Clean your teeth, tongue and gums after each meal with a soft brush and gentle fluoride toothpaste.
    • Rinse your mouth out with a thyme or chamomile infusion or even water with a small spoonful of bicarbonate of soda after oral hygiene. Do not use mouthwash containing alcohol.
    • Keep your lips well hydrated, with olive oil or lip balm.
    • Drink plenty of fluids
    • Avoid acidic, spicy, very salty or seasoned foods.
    • Avoid very hot foods.
    • Avoid substances that will irritate your mucous membranes, such as tobacco and alcohol.
    • If you wear false teeth, keep them clean and soak them every night in a glass of disinfectant water and rinse them well before you put them back in.


If you notice ulcers in your mouth or any other change (redness, burning sensation, white spots, etc.) that cause pain or stop you from eating properly, consult your nurse and/or day hospital.

If you have a fever which develops call the immediate care line or go to A&E.


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