Prevention is the best option

Health tips to prevent and treat shingles

Herpes zòster a Vall d'Hebron

Shingles is a skin outbreak caused by a viral infection of the nerves found just below the skin. The virus that causes it is the same as the virus that causes chicken pox. Unlike chicken pox, shingles is not seasonal and may appear at any age, although it more commonly appears in people over 50.


What do you need to bear in mind if you have shingles?


One measure to prevent the appearance of new cases of this virus among people living near a sufferer is the disinfection of objects contaminated with nasopharyngeal secretions or skin lesions in patients with chicken pox. It is therefore important to wash your hands before and after coming into contact with infected people or objects.

To improve the itching and discomfort of this virus, apply:

  • Cold and wet compresses on the affected skin
  • Soothing ointments and lotions, such as colloidal oat creams.

It is easy for people with shingles to pass it on to others, so when skin wounds are open and pussy avoid any contact with people who have not had chicken pox, especially pregnant women, new born babies and immunodeficient people.

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