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Small intestine biopsy

Biòpsia de budell prim a Vall d'Hebron

The aim of the intestinal biopsy is to obtain a surface fragment of the mucus of the small intestine to analyse it under a microscope. This sample helps us to determine if the patient has any disease or health problem, as well as showing us how the patient is progressing.

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To take the sample, a very thin catheter is inserted through the patient's mouth to the area being explored. Then the person undergoing the test must change position until the doctor makes sure that the capsule is properly placed using x rays.

When the position of the capsule is correct, a syringe is used to collect a sample, what we call a "biopsy".




Sometimes, it is necessary to move the catheter to make sure the capsule is properly placed, which does not hurt, but can cause irritation to the throat or a feeling of nausea.

The risks involved are minimal. There may be complications, such as perforation, bleeding or difficulty in removing the capsule, though these are very rare.

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