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Simple spirometry

Espirometria a Vall d'Hebron

Simple spirometry is a test to study lung function, which lets us know the amount of air patients can move and how well they do it.

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What does it involve?

This test is done using a device called a spirometer. The patient must be sat upright with their legs uncrossed. Then, clamps are placed on the nose and the patient is asked to insert a nozzle into their mouth. Once ready, the patient must fill their lungs by breathing in as deeply as they can. The care worker then asks the patient to blow as hard as they can, not stopping until their lungs are empty. The blowing stops when the healthcare professional in charge tells the patient to stop.

Next, the patient is asked to breathe in quickly as hard as they can in order to record their inhalation data.

This can be repeated until three correct readings are taken. Normally the test lasts 10 minutes.

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