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EEG Electroencephalography

electroencefalograma Vall d'Hebron

Electroencephalography (EEG) records the electrical activity in the brain. During an EEG various electrodes are placed on the patient's skin to record brain activity.

An EEG can be performed under different conditions:
With the patient asleep or even subjected to stimulus such as a flashing light, or after breathing deeply to introduce metabolic changes that reveal an area of the brain with unusual brain activity.

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What is it for?

There are different types of EEG waveforms according to their frequency and bandwidth. In a healthy person, a normal EEG will produce alpha waveforms with a frequency of 8 to 12 Hz, and a voltage of 50 microvolts. In the same way, beta and delta waveforms may be detected corresponding to different pathologies.
Neurological conditions that may benefit from an EEG are:
epilepsy, brain tumours, brain abscesses, brain injuries, and cerebrovascular diseases such as heart attacks or haemorrhaging.
EEGs can also be used during neurosurgery to detect and distinguish healthy and diseased brain tissue.

How does it work?

Sensors (electrodes) are placed on different parts of the head. This usually takes a few minutes and, as it is non-invasive, can be repeated as often as necessary.

An EEG is a routine test that poses no risks and can be repeated several times during a neurological illness.



Brain imaging tests are also useful and may allow more accurate diagnosis and treatment when combined with an EEG.





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