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Bone marrow biopsy

Biòpsia de medul·la òssia a Vall d'Hebron

Bone marrow is a diffuse organ present in the small cells of the bones and which contains the stems cells which form the cells that circulate in the blood. Accessing this part of our bones can provide information about blood precursor cells, and also tell us if there are any unusual cells or microorganisms of an invasive nature.


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What is for?


To see all stages of blood cell maturation, both for diagnosis and to assess the response to treatment in cases of neoplastic disease.

Also to rule out or confirm the presence of cells that should not normally be there


How does it work?


Puncture aspiration is carried out under local anaesthetic on an area of bone rich in precursor cells. This is usually the iliac crest (the back of the pelvis) or the sternum.

A sample of bone marrow blood from the iliac crests is extracted using an injection.

The test lasts between 10 and 15 minutes, the site of the puncture is compressed tightly for a few minutes and placed in a dressing that must be removed after 24 hours.

Remember that up to 24 hours after the test you will not be able to make any physical effort or carry any weight. After this period you can live normally again.

In case of pain or discomfort, painkillers can be taken.




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