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Treatment of eczema

Tractament de l'èczema a Vall d'Hebron

To avoid eczema it is important to take good care of the skin. There are also topical and systemic treatments, which must be indicated by a medical professional.


There are three types of treatments for eczema:

  • By way of preventive measures, we can take care of the skin, such as avoiding excessive washing, the use of specific hygiene products, keeping the skin well hydrated and avoiding contact with products that cause local irritation.
  • Topical treatments. Use of corticosteroids on the skin for a limited period of time. These medications should be prescribed by a physician based on the characteristics of the person suffering from eczema.
  • Systemic treatment. This consists of taking corticosteroids orally in severe cases. In cases of highly infected eczema, it is sometimes necessary to take an antibiotic treatment. This must always be prescribed by a medical professional.