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Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery and Transplants

Cirurgía HPB i Transplantaments a Vall d'Hebrón

At the Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery and Transplant Department, we dedicate ourselves to hepatic (liver), pancreatic and biliary surgery, as well as cancer surgery. This mainly involves surgery related to the surgical and onco-surgical treatment of tumours or liver metastases, liver and bowel transplants in children and adults, and intestinal transplants. Our Children’s Liver Transplant Programme is the only one of its kind in Catalonia, and one of just five in Spain. Our excellent results make us a national leader.


The Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery and Transplant Department is highly specialised, and is independent of the General Surgery Department, which is not very common in general surgery departments. We are organised into two sections: one section devoted mainly to liver surgery and liver and intestine transplants, and another aimed at pancreatic surgery and advanced laparoscopic surgery.

Vall d'Hebron was the first health centre in Spain to carry out a paediatric liver transplant in 1985. With more than 30 years of accumulated experience acquired since the first transplant was carried out, the hospital is home to an amazing group of professionals: anaesthetists, intensivists, radiologists, gastroenterologists, hepatologists and more, all trained to treat the most complex cases with very high survival rates. This survival rate is more than 90% at five and six years after the transplant. We are deeply proud that we have been able to achieve such figures.

To do so, and to offer the best service to our patients, we work closely with other hospital departments, mainly with Internal Medicine and Hepatology, Intensive Care, Oncology, Gastroenterology, Radiology and Pathological Anatomy.


Portfolio of services

Liver Surgery

  • Surgical treatment of primary liver tumours (resection, radiofrequency, chemoembolisation).
  • Onco-surgical treatment of hepatic metastases of colorectal cancer
  • Onco-surgical treatment of hepatic metastases in non-colorectal cancer
  • Onco-surgical treatment of hepatic metastases in neuroendocrine tumours
  • Surgery of benign liver tumours
  • Portal hypertension surgery
  • Haemostatic surgery and techniques in liver trauma
  • Surgery of refractory ascites with the implantation of new devices
  • Surgery of hepatic vascular exclusion for hepatic regional chemotherapy treatment


Biliary surgery

  • Onco-surgical treatment of hilar cholangiocarcinoma (T. Klatskin) 
  • Onco-surgical treatment of cholangiocarcinoma of the main biliary tract
  • Treatment of cholecystitis
  • Surgical treatment of biliary lithiasis (colelitiasis and coledocolitiasis) and complications
  • Endoscopic treatment of lithiasis of the main biliary tract
  • Biliodigestive derivations


Pancreatic surgery

  • Onco-surgical treatment of pancreatic adenocarcinoma
  • Onco-surgical treatment of other pancreatic tumours (cysts and neuroendocrines)
  • Onco-surgical treatment of tumours in the periampullary region
  • Surgical treatment of benign pancreatic tumours
  • Treatment of pancreatitis and its complications


Liver and intestine transplant

  • Liver transplant from donors in brain death
  • Split liver transplant (adult and infant)
  • Liver transplant HCV+ donors
  • Domino liver transplants
  • Liver transplants in HIV+ patients
  • Liver transplants in patients with portal thrombosis
  • Auxiliary liver transplant
  • Intestinal transplant
  • Isolated intestinal transplant
  • Hepatointestinal transplant
  • Multivisceral transplant
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Head of Section
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Head of Section
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Lead Researcher
Thoracic tumours and head and neck cancer group
Dr. Joan
Balcells Ramírez
Head of Section
Paediatric Intensive Care
Lead Researcher
Clinical Research / Innovation in Pneumonia and Sepsis (CRIPS)
Dr. Lucas
Clinical Director
Paediatric Oncology and Haematology
Translational Research into Cancer in Childhood and Adolescence
Dra. Laura
Gil Juanmiquel
Paediatric Intensive Care
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