Prevention is the best option

Kidney disease

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The kidneys benefit from a healthy diet, from a relatively high intake of water and from avoiding tobacco. Regular bowel and bladder movements are also essential. Constipation and delaying urination are both damaging to kidney function. Plain water without anything dissolved in it is necessary for good kidney function, apart from liquids such as milk and broth and drinks such as tea and coffee. The amount of urine a healthy person produces varies depending on how much water they drink, the air temperature, whether they are at rest or doing exercise, etc. A healthy adult would normally required 1 to 2 litres per day. Kidney function does not necessarily improve if excessive water is consumed.


Exercise and a diet rich in fibre encourage healthy bowel and bladder movements and improve kidney function. In terms of related conditions, often diabetes, good metabolic control of the diabetes is essential to preserve good kidney function. Controlling arterial pressure, which often has an unknown cause, is also vital to maintain good kidney function.

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