Prevention is the best option

Health tips for treating patients with resistant osteoarticular infections

Infeccions osteoarticulars resistents a Vall d'Hebron

Educating patients with resistant osteoarticular infections is key to avoiding contamination of utensils and possible complications resulting from the infection. Healthcare professionals will therefore emphasise the importance of hygiene in the infected area and will give instructions on dressing the area (if required) and on taking medication correctly for the duration prescribed.


What do you need to bear in mind if you have resistant osteoarticular infections?


When the patient is discharged, nursing staff will give them all the support and information they need to be able to look after the wound themselves. Most patients will be fitted with an external fixator that needs daily care, so healthcare staff will emphasise the importance of hygiene in the affected area, which should be cleaned daily and the correct dressing applied.

If patients are not independent and do not have a relative or carer to look after them, the local health authority will be contacted (through the PREALT discharge preparation unit), so that they may be provided with nursing care. If patients are being treated with intravenous medication, the Hospital at Home Unit will be contacted to follow up and provide the relevant treatment.

It is also necessary to explain the importance of taking the medication prescribed. On being discharged, most patients will receive long-term oral antibiotics (prescribed by the Infectious Diseases Unit) and they are reminded of the importance of maintaining a fixed schedule and not forgetting to take their medication.

They are also reminded of the need to maintain healthy habits, such as:

  • Being well hydrated
  • Eating properly (protein-based diet)
  • Stopping toxic habits (should they have any), such as alcohol and tobacco
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