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Endoscopy with endoscopic capsule

Endoscòpia amb càpsula endoscòpica a Vall d'Hebron

Endoscopy with endoscopic capsule is used to study the intestines. In order to perform this exploration, patients must swallow a small capsule that travels naturally through the gut. As it makes its way down, this capsule collects images that are studied later.

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How does it work?

To do this test, sensors are placed in the abdomen of the patient along with a belt with a recorder with a battery. The patient then takes the capsule with some water. The study will last 8 hours, during which the person having the test done cannot perform any activities that involve stretching, abrupt physical exertion, bending or carry out any physical activity.

The capsule comes out with the patient’s stool, but the images it has taken are saved on the recorder that the patient is wearing on a belt.



The patient must inform the doctor of all medication he/she is taking, in order to make any necessary adjustments. Also remember to follow the instructions of the professionals relating to what solids and liquids to consume before and after the test.

During the procedure, patients cannot go near areas with strong electromagnetic fields, such as amateur radio equipment or magnetic resonance imaging.

Once the endoscopy with capsule is done, patients must check their stools to make sure the capsule has been expelled properly.


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