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Health advice

We make recommendations based on advice backed up by scientific evidence that has been shown to be effective in guaranteeing well-being and quality of life. In this section you will find recommended daily habits, health education, guidelines to follow to maintain a healthy lifestyle and risk factors linked to illnesses, treatments and diagnostic tests.
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We are committed to providing health education that is available to everyone. In this section you will find an alphabetic list of various recommendations to improve your quality of life and prevent possible illnesses.
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Crohn’s diet
Diets should be personalised for people with Crohn’s disease according to the location, extension and type of lesions in each case. A low-residue diet is recommended at the start of a flare-up and while it lasts.
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How a migraine brain works: how migraine manifests, what could make us more likely to suffer migraines, and why does our head hurt? The answers are essential for correct diagnosis of this type of chronic headache which has very intense episodes.
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It is the difficulty or impossibility of swallowing solid and / or liquid foods. The causes of dysphagia can be diverse. From diseases that affect the muscles, such as fragility in much older patients, poor saliva production or injuries to the tongue and gums.
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Exotic trips
We give you some guidelines to follow before, during and after your trip to an exotic or tropical country. When planning, it is important to take a series of risks into account so you can enjoy your break in good health and to prevent any infectious diseases.
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Discover all the services we offer as a reference public hospital. In this section, you can use our search engine to find information on diseases, treatments, diagnostic tests and health advice. You can also find out about the services offered by our healthcare teams and the latest technology in the field of healthcare.
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