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Diagnostic tests

Here we list the main diagnostic tests we carry out at the hospital, whether they be diagnostic tests, early detection, preventive checks, systematic and seasonal vaccinations or general health check-ups.
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Foetal echocardiography
In this ultrasound study, the heart of the foetus is observed and its anatomy and function analysed. The procedure is similar to a pregnancy ultrasound. The specialist applies a gel to the abdomen and passes a probe over the belly, which emits waves that bounces off the baby’s heart.
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Magnetic resonance
Nuclear magnetic resonance is a test that allows us to take anatomical, functional images of the human body to diagnose and assess a person's state of health. Many different condition require this type of imaging.
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Blood tests
Blood tests are one of the most frequent medical tests. They involve taking a blood sample from the patient that is then analysed in a laboratory. In some cases, patients need to remain still during the extraction, but this is not always necessary. It depends on the type of analysis that needs to be carried out.
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An arteriography is used to see the arteries and detect possible problems. Using the catheter, a radiological contrast is injected that fills the arteries and allows us to see how they are working, using X-rays. The puncture is done using local anaesthesia, to avoid discomfort. The test usually lasts 30-60 minutes.
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The Surgical Block and treatment for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) using virtual reality are just two of the many technological projects headed up by Vall d'Hebron. We work hard to find new solutions to modern medical problems and make our patients’ lives easier, both at the hospital and outside it 
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