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 What can we do for you? 
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 Find out about all the services we offer. Detailed information about diseases, treatments. diagnostic tests and health advice. We also explain the model of nursing care provided at Vall d'Hebron and our work in coordinating transplants. 

treated in the hospital

What they are, how they act and what the symptoms are. We also give you details on we treat them and the preventive measures available.
Disease and Illness

we apply

We provide complete information on how we tackle illnesses: surgical techniques, treatments and recommended medications.


Find out more about the different types of diagnostic imaging and functional tests. This includes tests for diagnosis, early detection, preventive checks, systematic and seasonal vaccinations and general health check-ups.
Diagnostic tests


Encuentra recursos para controlar y gestionar mejor algunas de las enfermedades que tratamos en Vall d'Hebron, con consejos de educación sanitaria, información sobre los servicios relacionados y los profesionales vinculados a esta especialidad.
Health advice

Nursing care: 
a ground-breaking model

Vall d'Hebron University Hospital is the only Catalan hospital chosen by the Centres Committed to Excellence in Nursing Care international programme. Accreditation by the prestigious Registered Nurses Association of Ontario that recognises quality nursing.
Nursing care


We are one of the most active centres in terms of organ and tissue donation. We are pioneers in the coordination of transplants. We assure the highest level of donor-receptor protection and work to help the transition and integration of paediatric patients to adults.
Transplant coordination

Support for diagnosis and treatment

Comprehensive, cross-departmental services are the final piece in the healthcare that we offer at Vall d'Hebron. We present the departments that provide support for the hospital care teams in diagnostic tests and the follow-up of treatments.
- Pharmacy - Radiodiagnosis (IDI) - Vall d’Hebron Clinical Laboratories - Physics and Radiation Protection

applied to healthcare

At Vall d'Hebron Barcelona Hospital Campus, we detect and investigate solutions to combat modern-day health problems. This is why we devote much of our effort to developing new, patient-centred technologies applied to the healthcare field. Good examples of this include the Surgical Block, pioneering treatment of ADHD using virtual reality and high-performance diagnosis based on mass sequencing.
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Education and Training 

10. Education and Training At Vall d'Hebron Barcelona Hospital Campus we generate, transform and transmit knowledge across all areas of health sciences. Our university hospitals, research institutes and specialised services all aim to train the health professionals of the future, from university level, through residences and specialist training, while continuing to commit to the continuous training of our professionals. 
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We work hard to understand diseases, to learn how they function and to create better treatments we can apply to real-life patients. The great potential of Vall d'Hebron Barcelona Hospital Campus in the field of research is owed mainly to the excellence of the parallel work carried out by the research centres and hospitals. We know about the conditions first-hand, and we work to provide solutions.
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