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Recommendations for patients 
for online or telephone consultations

Here you’ll find ten suggestions to keep in mind if the specialist consultation you have scheduled will be done online or over the phone.
Find a comfortable, quiet place that has good light.
Laptop computer
Make sure your device (telephone, tablet, or laptop computer) is charged or connected.
Mobile phone
Make sure your connection is reliable and stable. Do a test before starting to ensure that everything is working correctly.
If this will be needed, verify that you can clearly see the health professional on camera and vice-versa.
Girl with headphones
Verify that the health professional can hear you well, and respond to their questions as clearly as possible. If you have headphones, use them, it makes it easier to hear.
Man looking his clock
Appointment times
Be on time. Keep in mind that the specialist doing the consultation has a full calendar of scheduled visits.
Person writing some questions
Before the consultation, write a list of the questions you want to ask the health professional.
Girl with a mobile phone
Identify yourself by answering the questions that the specialist will ask you, and if someone is helping you, do the same for them.
Person taking notes
Pen and paper
Have a pen and paper handy to take notes during the call.
Patient with an accompany
A helping hand
If you think a family member might be able to help you, they can accompany you during the consultation.
If you take medication, have a list of your current medications on hand.
Ask to health professionals your questions
If you have any questions during the consultation, ask the health professional before the call ends.