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The hospital and you 
everything you need to know to come to Vall d'Hebron Hospital

Welcome to Vall d'Hebron University Hospital: we will guide you from your first visit to the centre so you can find all the services and make the most of our facilities. Whatever the reason for your visit, we will explain how to get about the hospital.

Information of interest to patients
during the Covid pandemic

In this space you will find information about the special measures in place at Vall d’Hebron to deal with the epidemiological situation.
See the information

Vall d’Hebron

We explain how to book an appointment with a doctor and how to get tests done. We inform you about outpatient activity: this includes appointments, tests or treatments at the day hospitals. Always have your health card on you at all times.
Outpatient clinics

In emergency 

We remind you that the emergency room is only for serious emergencies and situations. We have a highly complex clinical service to deal with emergencies at the three hospitals: the General Hospital; the Children's Hospital, Obstetrics and Gynaecology; and the Traumatology and Burns Hospital.

From admission 
to discharge

We give you all the details about the steps you’ll need to follow, from the moment you arrive to the moment you're discharged. We work hard to make sure your stay is a comfortable one and you can recover as quickly as possible.

If you're visiting 
a friend or family

We give some recommendations to make sure your visit will be a pleasant one for everybody. Family is vital in the patient recovery process. However, when you come, bear in mind some recommendations.
Visiting patients

Practical information

At the hospital you’ll find other services, such as the Hospimòbil, the newsstand and personal hygiene vending machines. We’ll tell you how they work and where to find them.
More information

Having your baby 
at Vall d’Hebron

We’ll be with you providing care before, during and after delivery. We’re the only centre in Catalonia where mother and baby are never to be separated under any circumstances.
The birth of a child

a normal life

We work hard to make sure children at the hospital can live as normal a life as possible. In the Hospital Classroom they’ll follow the school syllabus. At the Playroom, Cyber room and the Barça Space, they’ll spend their free leisure time with other children.
Children at the hospital

at home

The Vall d'Hebron Hospital at Home Unit offers high-intensity home-based hospital care to patients in the Hospital vicinity.
Get to know the services of the Hospital at Home Unit

Citizen’s advice service 
and social work

We make your life at the hospital easier. We listen, advise and guide you; we help you take care of paperwork, and help solve any possible adverse situations.
Citizen’s advice service and social work


Here you’ll find all the documents you need to handle bureaucratic procedures at the hospital. We explain the steps you’ll need to follow and the ways to request them.

My Vall d'Hebron

This is the Vall d'Hebron Hospital Campus application. It offers interesting information about the centre, and has a whole private area for patients to manage their surgical information. There you’ll find the latest news, upcoming events and a space where you can express your opinion and send in suggestions.

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