Prevention is the best option

Babies and coronavirus SARS-CoV-2


The incidence of COVID-19 cases among the child population is low. In newborns, the number of infected is small and, when detected, symptoms have been mild. This does not mean that they cannot be infected, and that’s why precautionary measures are key for avoiding possible infections, thus avoiding the symptoms, even being mild.


I have a newborn at home. What guidelines should I follow to avoid possible COVID-19 contagion in the baby?

If you have a newborn at home, you must follow the same precautionary measures that healthcare professionals recommend to the rest of the population. It is especially important to maintain good hygiene practices, especially on the hands, both for the parents and the baby, and take isolation measures in case of possible contagions.


Shall we reduce friends and family visits to welcome the baby?

In the actual epidemiological situation, and considering babies situation, hospital and home visits should be limited to those strictly necessary and avoid receiving friends or family. Complying with #Iamstayingathome is essential to contain the virus and avoid undesired infections.


If the mother is infected with SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, will the baby be infected too?

In the case of women who are newly mothers and infected, data do not show intrauterine transmission through the placenta or perinatal transmission. This means that there’s no mother-child vertical transmission of the disease during pregnancy.

If the mother is infected, specialists will perform appropriate tests for the newborn and, if necessary, prescribe the most appropriate treatment and recommendations for both.


What risks does the newborn face in case of COVID-19?

Although the reason why infection rate in newborns is low is still unknown, according to studies so far, if the baby is infected with COVID-19, the risk of serious complications from the virus is low and the more likely you are to have a mild symptomatology.

If your baby has any symptoms associated with COVID-19, please contact your health care authorities.

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