Prevention is the best option

Avoid starting to smoke again

Un cop has deixat de fumar, tenir en compte la recaiguda és bàsic. És per això, que et donem deu consells per evitar-ho. 


10 tips to avoid starting to smoke again


1. Make a list of the benefits your have felt and read it at tricky times.

2. Reduce alcohol and caffeine consumption, increase consumption of water or natural fruit juices.

3. Increase physical activity.

4. Take up hobbies again that you stopped.

5. Keep yourself busy. Take the opportunity to do things that you have been putting off doing.

6. Get yourself a present.

7. Ask a relative, friend or healthcare professional for support.

8. When you feel like smoking, eat a piece of fruit, a sugar-free sweet or drink water.

9. Stay alert; don’t think that smoking just one cigarette won’t do any harm.

10. Focus on the present; every day without smoking is a battle won.

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