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Vall d'Hebron-Drassanes special programme for infectious diseases

We prevent and treat tuberculosis and sexually transmitted infections, also specialising in tropical medicine and international health.


Early detection and a rapid response are the hallmarks of the Vall d’Hebron-Drassanes Infectious Diseases Programme. The medical team working at the Drassanes Medical Centre (CAP) in Barcelona are experts in infectious diseases.


Drassanes Medical Centre (CAP) has a team of professionals specialised in the diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases; from sexually transmitted diseases to diseases brought in from abroad.


Sexually transmitted diseases


Drassanes Exprés is a project focused on early diagnosis and rapid response  for sexually transmitted diseases. The service offers appointments, availability permitting, for confidential tests and routine examinations with results available in under 6 hours via SMS or email.

The test is designed for people exposed to risk factors during sexual relations and who are not showing any symptoms. HIV, syphilis, gonorrhoea and chlamydia are included in the test.


Tropical medicine and international health


If you need to travel to tropical or subtropical regions we can help and advise you before and after your trip. You may also wish to use the service if you have just arrived in Barcelona and you come from these regions. We are experts in international vaccinations and community health.

The service is aimed at immigrants and international travellers. We combine international vaccination and traveller health services with others related to community health.


Tuberculosis prevention and control


The Drassanes Medical Centre (CAP), located in the Raval district of Barcelona, also specialises in the prevention of tuberculosis. Risk factors such as smoking, alcoholism and drug abuse have caused a rise in the number of cases, although it continues to be a rare disease.

The Vall d’Hebron-Drassanes Tuberculosis Unit leads the field with both its own and collaborative research, and each year diagnoses over 160 cases, amounting to most of those found in Barcelona.


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